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The News
México City, May 13, 2000.


The News Staff

Foreign Relations Secretary Rosario Green (shown left) on Thursday said recent vigilante threats posed by Arizona ranchers against migrants could increase bilateral tensions between Mexico and the United States, government news agency Notimex reported.

Green said the ranchers' threats had caused friction between the states of Sonora and Arizona, as well as between Mexico and the United States.

"We have attempted to resolve this subject through dialogue and negotiation, because the life of Mexicans is a fundamental right. ... For this reason we have asked other international organizations for their help," Green said.

Green and other officials have blasted an advertisement posted on the Internet and in local media that says undocumented migrants found on Arizona ranchers' property would be "hunted down."

U.S. immigration authorities have heightened security along the border and have warned that vigilantes will be prosecuted for "hunting" migrants.