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Charter bus yields marijuana, cocaine


Reynaldo Diaz-Garcia, of Anoas Grandes, Coyuce deCatalan, Guerrero, Mexico, was arrested after he was caught trying to get rid of two 1-kilogram packages of cocaine, the Harrison County Sheriff's Department said.

Diaz-Garcia and another Hispanic man were aboard an eastbound charter bus near the Long Beach exit of Interstate 10 when Lt. Tony M. Sauro stopped the driver of the bus for speeding. According to the sheriff's department, Sauro saw two male passengers trying to remove something from the waistband areas of their pants.

Sauro asked the two men to leave the bus in order to question and search them, and when the left the bus, they each threw down a kilo bag of cocaine and then started to run. Sauro caught Diaz-Garcia after he dropped a second bag of cocaine, the sheriff's department said. But other deputies, Long Beach Police and Mississippi Highway Patrol officers were unable to find the second man.

They searched the bus and found 75 pounds of marijuana. The total street value of the drugs is about $155,000. Diaz-Garcia was taken to the Harrison County jail and booked for possession with intent to distribute cocaine. Bond was set at $100,000. Border Patrol officers are trying to determine his immigration status.