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The News Mexico City

August 14, 2000

David Gongora, the president of the nation's Supreme Court of Justice, says that when the fundamental rights of Mexicans living in the United States are not respect, it not only violates their rights but also the Mexican Constitution and the nation's sovereignty.

He said the situation is a sore spot in Mexico-U.S. relations and that the immigrant problem has become a main worry for gubernatorial institutions.

Mexico last Wednesday took a firm step toward helping the immigrants. The Interior Secretariat's Immigration Office and the National Public Defense Institute signed an agreement to legally protect immigrant, to uphold their rights and safeguard their families' integrity.

Gongora said the judicial power will continue to back the federal government in its search for improved immigrant living conditions and its fight for human rights.

This is a pleasant result considering that the world's 1965 immigrant population was estimated at 75 million people, and now it's 130 million people, including 40 percent undocumented people.