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FBI: Immigrant killed by Border Patrol agent

By Mary Moreno
The Brownsville Herald, May 22, 2000

A U.S. Border Patrol agent shot and killed an immigrant early Sunday morning near Brownsville, FBI agents reported.

Details late Sunday were sketchy due to Border Patrol's uncharacteristic refusal to discuss the incident. Calls to the Brownsville station were referred to McAllen, the sector's headquarters. Border Patrol officials there were not immediately available.

Dispatchers at both stations said a press release would be issued today.

FBI Special Agent Darren Holmes, though, said a Border Patrol agent stationed in Brownsville had shot and killed an undocumented immigrant. Holmes said the agent was responding to a sensor alarm when he encountered the undocumented immigrant.

The agent struggled with the undocumented immigrant, he said. During the struggle, the immigrant wrestled the agent's baton away. The agent then shot at the immigrant twice, critically injuring him.

The immigrant later died at Valley Regional Medical Center from the gunshots.

Holmes said an autopsy was performed Sunday morning, although he did not know the results.

Brownsville Justice of the Peace Tony Torres confirmed the death of an unidentified Hispanic man shot and killed by a Border Patrol agent.

Torres said he declared the man dead at 6:56 a.m. at Valley Regional Medical Center. The man, believed to be between 20 and 30, died of a gunshot wound to the upper chest, Torres said.

Torres added it was the only gunshot wound he observed on the man's body.

Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio said his department was called to the scene near Calle Milpa Verde and Monsees Road. He confirmed an agent had shot and killed a suspected undocumented immigrant.

He added his department only assisted. The FBI is handling the investigation.