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66 Charged With Airport Fake Documents

Fri Mar 8, 2002 -- 6:09 PM ET

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Federal indictments unsealed Friday charged 66 people, most of them illegal immigrants from Mexico, with lying or using fake documents to get jobs in high-security areas at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

U.S. Attorney Robert Conrad said 47 people were arrested at the airport Friday. Most worked for a cleaning service, although others were involved in fueling aircraft, food services and baggage handling, he said.

The security badges allow workers access to planes, ramps, runways and cargo areas. Conrad said the investigation, begun in the weeks after the Sept. 11 attacks, found no evidence of terrorist activity.

Cooper did not know when the other 19 suspects would be taken into custody.

The grand jury's indictment contained charges of violating immigration laws and making false representations to obtain employment and security badges, Cooper said.

Similar sweeps have been conducted at other U.S. airports.