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The silent revolution in California

Letter to the Editor -- 10/5/03 -- Orange County Register

A silent revolution is quietly under way. In spite of California's status as an American state for the past century and a half, the Hispanic heritage is gradually reclaiming its rights ["Bilingual proposal," News, Sept. 24]. Three quarters of Santa Ana's population speaks Spanish and Anaheim is nearing the half mark.

Conscious of these demographic changes, Anaheim's City Council looked to increase the ranks of its Spanish-speaking employees, until it realized that almost a third of the staff already is bilingual, hence in a position to help in emergency situations with non-English-speaking persons.

As to those of you gringos who are dissatisfied with these facts, I have just one piece of advice: Move. Now. Statistics show that within a couple of decades, Hispanics will be the new majority and the Anglos relegated to the status of minority.

As for me, I'll stay put. Having spent over 20 years learning Spanish to the point that I now can read my favorite writer, Isabel Allende, I love hearing myself pouring out words with whomever will answer back in this sunny language so close to my native French.

Anne-Margret Bellavoine
Yorba Linda

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