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City to accept Mexican ID cards Report
June 23, 2003

Mayor Bart Peterson today said Indianapolis would recognize the matricula consular, or "matricula card" or a "Mexican ID card," as a valid form of identification.

"Throughout the years, Indianapolis has opened its doors to newcomers from all walks of life and from all corners of the world," Mayor Peterson said in a press statement. "Recognizing matricula cards is yet another step that will help pave the way into mainstream society for our new neighbors."

Mayors Robert Pastrick of East Chicago and Graham Richard of Fort Wayne said their cities also would recognize Mexican ID cards.

Matricula consular are cards issued by the government of Mexico at consular offices in the United States that identify the cardholder as a Mexican national living abroad. The cards can be used for routine, day-to-day identification purposes, such as obtaining a bank account or purchasing goods and services.

Mayor Peterson pointed out that the cards do not change laws related to immigration or legalize undocumented aliens, but can help Mexican residents enter mainstream life more smoothly.

Peterson noted that most transactions with city government do not require a resident to present an ID card, but the Mexican ID will help communication between Mexican residents and law enforcement, fire and emergency responders and health care professionals.

To obtain an ID card, Mexican nationals must fill out an application at the consulate and produce an original birth certificate; an original, valid identification issued and stamped by an official Mexican authority and containing a photograph of its holder; and a residence certificate.