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Arizona-Sonora worker program 'feasible', claims meddler

A feasible pilot plan for immigrant workers between Arizona and Sonora

Por Juanita Dórame Morales

Carlos Flores Vizcarra. QUEPASA.COM

Phoenix, Arizona, U.S., October 30, 2003 ( - Since it has one of the largest Hispanic populations within the United States, it is feasible for Arizona to implement in upcoming months a pilot program with Sonora, Mexico to establish a legal framework of temporary immigrant workers.

Mexico's consul in Tucson, Arizona, Carlos Flores Vizcarra considered the program as very viable. Its origin is a bill seeking to modify the Union's immigration law, being promoted by the Arizona Republican congressional delegation made up by Senator John McCain and Representatives Jim Kolbe and Jeff Flake.

Flores Vizcara considered that it is a viable initiative, and that after the pilot is established in Arizona and Sonora it can serve as a working model for other North American states with a high influx of undocumented immigrants, and thus palliate the problem.

It is about an initiative so feasible, he added, that this November 4, Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada, will make a trip around the state of Arizona, to hold meetings with state officials, headed by Governor Janet Napolitano, as well as with representatives, senators, and federal authorities.

The Mexican consul informed that during Fox's working tour he will surely analyze the topic of immigrant workers and the possibility of establishing a shared outline for temporary employment with traffic restrictions for Arizona, for the benefit of Mexican laborers seeking employment in the United States.

If the pilot is effective, added Flores Vizcarra, it is very possible that the experience could be transported to other states like California, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas where there is also record of an increased number of undocumented Mexican workers.

If this is so, he added, collaboration between Arizona and Mexico, specifically with Sonora, the bordering state, would set an important precedent in dealing with a problem that both states must handle, such as the high percentage of undocumented immigrants.

To date, the diplomat pointed out, Tucson, Arizona has a population of one million 100 thousand of which 20 per cent, around 300 thousand people, are of Hispanic origin, Out of those, he said, at least 250 thousand are of Mexican ancestry or directly descendant from Mexicans. QUEPASA.COM

Translator M. B. Durazo