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March 16, 1997


  • Judy Baca Romero first arrived on the alt.california scene on 3/10/97 by posting leads to her web page using subject lines concerning illegal immigration from Mexico and corruption in Mexico itself, namely most of the government. Romero also cross-posted many of her ridiculous responses to several inappropriate news groups in an effort to start hassles between Hispanics and the original poster.

    On 3/10/97, Baca pasted the following absolutely ludicrous manure at the end of a rather long message that had several responses attached (see message ID

    Illegals go about unnoticed in the USA, our people are dupped, fooled into thinking all is o.k.

    Who is taking your job? It is not the poor field worker from Mexico

    . go to the Canadian/USA border, especially Detroit, walk across the border and you are home free. All is open on the North.

    A common practice is: Get a student visa, come over, or come over on "Holiday". And that is how you do it.

    At least that is the way Canadians and others come over illegally and stay,

    No need to jam up in the back of a van ....... not like the people coming from the Mexican side of our borders.... in order for the Mexicans or south of the USA, they are unable to merely walk over with a visa...... however, in the millions are coming over illegally from the North, OUR OPEN BORDER........ they do not get reported, because you see.... Canadians are here on "Holiday" or they are Winter Visitors......of course..... didn't you know!!!!!!!!! and they always go back........The truth is that the better jobs are being taken by the so called "Winter visitors", or the ones on a lifelong "Holiday".

    Fact is, that in the millions of USA better jobs, managerial,skilled, ect, ect, ect, are being taken by the OTHER than the poor Mexican field worker.


  • Shortly thereafter on the same date this Romero wretch posted the same message in response to moments on Message ID with the following addition:

    Fact is, that in the millions of USA better jobs, managerial, skilled, ect, ect, ect, are being taken by the OTHER than the poor Mexican field worker.

    Where is the outcry about the illegals, that know our system, they know the English language, they blend with most people, and can not be spotted as "illegal".

    Just once, I would like to see the outcry about the illegals who do not have to hide, they walk around like US Americans.

    What a joke, we are the laughing stock of the world. We go after the poorest of the poor, and let the educated illegals walk around scot free!! They are taking USA jobs, and not just any job, But, the better and desirable jobs.

    unbelievable.... but true....


  • Since this Romero bull-shitter commonly does just about as much copy-and-paste as a BOT to respond with either flat-out lies or irrelevant bullshit to messages concerning illegal immigration from Mexico it is rather difficult and not worthwhile to post her drivel here. At one point, however, Romero makes the ridiculous claim that for every Mexican or Central American who unlawfully enters the country, 20 Canucks do! Romero has been challenged to post facts about this ridiculous allegation but usually responds with some crap about how Hispanics have contributed to the well being of the United States... something that has nothing to do with the illegal alien invasion from the south and further THAT NO ONE DISPUTES!


    Think about it. It has been estimated that 3,000+ wetbacks and C.A. illegals enter the U.S. unlawfully daily along an approximately 80 mile wide stretch of the San Diego County - B.C.N. border.The border is 1,950 miles wide, so let's just say that another thousand get in along that stretch in a day. That adds up to 1,460,000 illegals annually. Romero claims that Canadians infest at a rate 20 times that. Canada has a population of about 28 million. Using the Baca Caca scenario the entire population of Canada should be in our midst in 1.9 years as computed on the Mojado Counter. Better get used to pronouncing 'out' as 'oot' and brush up on your French .

    Click here to reach DejaNews... then run a query for to get an idea of why this wretch is not only now a famous shrew... but is also a top contender to be a World Famous Asshole. Or you can click here to ask Judy Baca Romero why the Southwest is awash in Mexicans of dubious legal status and why we're not all getting into hockey if the Canuck invasion is 20 times that of the Mexican onslaught. Or just send her a note thanking her for the laugh.


    This is really a laughable one. Someone posted an item regarding 3 "Latino Rights" groups whining about Disney not hiring enough "Hispanics".

    In response to this, BC here (Message-ID: - Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 03:32:27 -0800) posted this humongous fib:

    What a shame for the blatant discrimination against Hispanics...Walt Disney would be shocked at this terrible situation, especially being Hispanic.

    Walt Disney, creator of Mickey Mouse, was born in Spain to Spanish parents, name Jose Luis Girao, and when Jose Luis parents died he was adopted by Elias Disney and Jose Luis name was changed to Walt Disney.

    Judy Baca Romero y Martín
    Hispanic Contributions
    Copyright © 1997 all rights reserved

    Later, (Message-ID: - Sun, 09 Nov 1997 09:06:19 -0800), Jafo corrected this looney:

    Here we go again. At various times, the JudyBot has claimed that virtually every significant historical figure, probably including God, is really Hispanic. When questioned, she manages never to produce a source for her contention.

    *My* source, the 1997 Microsoft Encarta, states: "Disney, Walt(er Elias) (1901-1966), American cartoon artist and producer of animated films.

    "Disney was born in Chicago on December 5, 1901. He left school at the age of 16; later he studied briefly at art schools in Chicago and Kansas City, Missouri. In 1923 he began to produce animated motion pictures in Hollywood in partnership with his brother Roy O. Disney."

    One must understand that, according to BacaCaca, "Hispanics" can do no wrong and invented everything from the wheel to space craft. Go figure.

    November 14, 1997

    After numerous tantrums thrown by JBR over the fact that BajaRat chose not to include a link to her website, well, here it is. Venture there at your own risk..... and don't forget to take along a grain of salt .



    Most of what is found at the site is pure rubbish. The facts presented are erroneous and the conclusions are ridiculous. In fact, the site is so absurd that it could pass for satire.


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